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Introducing the Pet Drinking Bowl, the must-have accessory for pet owners everywhere. This innovative product is designed to provide your furry friends with access to fresh, clean water at all times, ensuring optimal hydration and health. The Pet Drinking Bowl is made from durable materials that are safe for your pet and easy to clean. With its sleek and modern design, this bowl will complement any home decor and make a stylish addition to your pet's feeding area. The large capacity of the bowl means you won't have to constantly refill it, and the non-slip base ensures that it stays in place while your pet drinks. Say goodbye to stagnant water that can lead to bacterial growth - with the Pet Drinking Bowl, your pet will always have access to the freshest water possible. Order now and give your furry companion the gift of hydration!


Cross-border parcel weight: 0.61kg
unit weight: 0.61kg
article number: 019
brand: leaflet
time to market: December 2020
Whether to support APP: no
Suitable: dog and cat
Is it detachable: Detachable
product weight: 610 grams
color: green,purple,original filter
After-sales service: Storefront Three Guarantees
fastest shipping time: within 7 days
Whether cross-border export of special supply sources: Yes
Main sales areas: Africa,Europe,South America,Southeast Asia,North America,Northeast Asia,Middle East
Main downstream platforms: ebay,wish,aliexpress,independent station,LAZADA
Patent No: 202030600450.0
Patent type: Design patent
Whether the patent source: Yes
Specification: with a filter
whether to import: no