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Introducing the Hawn Telescopic Drain for your kitchen sink! Keep your sink area neat and clean with this innovative drain. It is designed to fit effortlessly onto your kitchen sink shelf, and can be adjusted to fit any sink size. Made from high-quality materials, this drain is durable, sturdy, and will stay in place for years to come. The telescopic feature of the drain ensures that it can be easily expanded or contracted to accommodate varying water levels in the sink. The Hawn Telescopic Drain is also incredibly easy to install and requires no special tools or expertise. Simply place it on your kitchen sink shelf and you're good to go! Say goodbye to messy, cluttered sink areas and hello to a clean, organized kitchen! Order your Hawn Telescopic Drain today and enjoy a hassle-free kitchen sink experience!


Brand: Ai 
Whether imported: No 
Material: Plastic 
Box quantity: 42 
Layer number: 1st floor 
Storage scene: Kitchen storage 
Plastic new material occupies: 100% new material 
Item No .: June105 
Patent: Be 
Color: Yellow, red, green, blue 
Patent type: Design patent 
Patent number: ZL202030700358.1