New product nail polish free toast dry display 36 color transparent nail polish cross-border beauty makeup

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Introducing the latest addition to the beauty industry- the New Product Nail Polish Free Toast Dry Display. This cross-border beauty makeup is designed to make your nails look more stunning with its high-quality transparent nail polish. The polish is available in 36 vibrant colors to suit any occasion and style, giving you endless options to showcase your creativity. Its free-toast dry technology ensures swift drying and long-lasting results, without leaving any sticky residue. With its easy-to-use application and sleek design, this nail polish is perfect for both amateur and professional users. So get ready to flaunt those flawless and gorgeous nails with the New Product Nail Polish Free Toast Dry Display.


Brand type: Domestic product brand 
Whether imported: no 
brand: Kismi / Denian Park 
Origin: Zhejiang 
net weight: 12 
colour: 01. High gray, 02. Meeting purple, 03. Milk tea, 04. Lemon yellow, 05. Is red, 06. Sansha color, 07. Smog blue, 08. Coffee, 09. Pepper, 10. Pure white, 11. Pure black, 12. Cherry red, 13. Apple green, 14. Hepburn blue, 15. caramel color, 16. Mocha color, 17. olive green, 18. Jam Red, 19. Transparency, 20. Milk Blue, 21. Bean green, 22. Du red, 23. Wine red, 24. Strawberry red, 25. Blue mud color, 26. Cream, 27. Naked, 28. Rosa, 29. Bean Shahong, 30. Jelly red, 31 Violet, 32. Magic Color Powder, 33. Colorful Stars, 34. Seven Colorful Lights, 35. Flash Silver, 36. Áļʬ†
model: BG192 nail polish 
Shelf life: 36 months 
Special use cosmetics: no 
Production license number: Zhejiang makeup 20160123 
Item number: BG192 
Main downstream platform: Ebay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Separate Station, Lazada 
Main sales areas: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East 
There is an authorized self-owned brand: no 
Whether cross-border export is available for supply: Yes 
Non-special cosmetic filing number: Zhejiang G makeup network preparations 2019009959 
Color Classification: 36 colors 
Specifications Category: 12 boxed