Pet hair removal comb self-cleaning cat comb dog needle comb cat hair removal comb cat hair removal cleaner to remove floating hair brush

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Looking to get rid of pesky pet hair all over your home? Look no further than the Pet Hair Removal Comb - the ultimate solution for cat owners! With its self-cleaning design, you'll never have to worry about messy, tangled hair getting stuck in the comb. Simply swipe the comb over your cat's fur and watch as the bristles effortlessly remove hair. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to use for extended periods of time. Say goodbye to pet hair on your furniture and clothing with the Pet Hair Removal Comb!


Cross-border parcel weight: 0.5kg
unit weight: 0.2kg
Product volume: 27cm * 13cm * 8cm
material: Plastic+Stainless Steel
product category: fur care
whether to import: no
brand: meat eater
Box quantity: 40/box
Whether the patent source: Yes
Patent type: Design patent
Patent No: Advisory Service
Specification: The second generation self-cleaning needle comb-green,the second generation self-cleaning needle comb-pink,the second generation self-cleaning needle comb-gray
Main downstream platforms: ebay,amazon,wish,aliexpress,independent station,LAZADA
Main sales area: Africa,Europe,South America,Southeast Asia,North America,Northeast Asia,Middle East
Has licensable private label: Yes
Whether cross-border export of special supply sources: Yes
Is it a gift: no
box gauge: 53*29.5*34cm
Color Classification: green,grey,pink